Winter Care Package Ideas

Know someone who is suffering from mental health issues or someone who is stressed thanks to exam pressure? Just want to show someone how much they mean to you? To kick off Blogmas, here are some care package ideas to make that special someone feel pampered!

  1. Fluffy socks essential to feel nice and cosy during the winter months! I’d leave the house in mine if I could. They usually fit a range of sizes (eg UK 3-6) so you don’t have to know the recipient’s exact size which is handy.
  2. A soft blanket is a sweet idea to include as well, either to keep them warm at night or so they can curl up in it and feel really toasty! Primark sell super cheap, incredibly soft blankets.
  3. Some snacks! Throw in some snacks like popcorn or chocolate (I’m sure they’ll be greatly appreciated).
  4. Face masks can make for a great pamper session and they’re pretty cheap too. My personal favourite brand is 7th Heaven, but I also love the Garnier Moisture Bomb sheet masks. Moisturising face masks are particularly good during winter when your skin suffers in the cold.
  5. Hand warmers can be a fantastic addition if (like me) the recipient really feels the cold during Winter! They’re small and easy to slip into a handbag or pocket, and can provide several hours of heat.
  6. Lip balm would come in handy during the colder months to stop lips from getting chapped. I carry my EOS lipbalm with my every where, and use Carmex or Blistex at night for a little extra moisturisation.
  7. A colouring-in book for adults can be a great stress reliever. I love colouring in madalas on my down time from studying for exams.
  8. Instant food would be a nice way to ensure the recipient eats. Whether they’re suffering from mental health issues or stressed about exams, it can be stressful trying to eat three square meals a day. Eating instant food like a Pot Noodle is better than not eating at all. You could also bake some tray-bakes or snacks yourself and include them as a personal touch.

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