Blush Tribe’s Psychedelic Palette: A Review

For day three of  Blogmas I thought I would introduce you to an amazing indie brand. Looking for a super cheap, pigmented makeup palette? Look no further!

Blush Tribe Cosmetics are a cruelty free makeup brand, and they offer vegan false lashes and brushes. The brand is based in the UK, but they ship worldwide. I love supporting smaller brands around Christmas time, and Blush Tribe are a wonderful brand with cheap but great quality products!

I recently bought their Psychedelic eye shadow palette, and the shipping was really fast! The palette is currently out of stock, and Blush Tribe had planned to not restock it, however due to its popularity they are now going to restock.

At just £11.99, I was really impressed with how pigmented the palette was. I had been looking for a palette with loads of bright colours for experimenting with different makeup looks, and this palette certainly fits with what I wanted.


The packaging for the palette is really elegant, and I love the logo!

The palette has a really cool selection of bright colours. I particularly like how bright the pink colours are.


To shop with Blush Tribe Cosmetics, go to

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