What Christmas Means to Me

For day four of Blogmas I thought I would talk about what Christmas means to me. For me, the Christmas period is all about giving and spending time with the ones you love. It’s about putting a smile on someone else’s face, whether that’s through a thoughtful gift or charity work, or just catching up over a cup of hot chocolate or a drink. It’s about warm nights beside the fire, cuddling with my dog or watching him sleep contentedly.


Every year, I try to give a little extra to good causes. I always donate toys to local charities, who will distribute them to families living in poverty to try to ensure every child can have a great Christmas. I’m very fortunate to have come from a relatively well-off background, and I have always been spoiled rotten around Christmas. I can’t imagine waking up to the cold reality that I won’t get anything for Christmas, while seeing on social media or hearing from friends what others have received. It puts a smile on my face knowing that the toys and gifts I have donated could make someone’s day.

Another great way to make sure someone has a Christmas they could otherwise not afford is to donate to local food banks. Many supermarkets will have donation bins near the entrance/exit, where they will be looking for non-perishable/longer life items to make food parcels for the festive period. Several local charities in my area also have schemes to sponsor a family in need’s Christmas dinner, and some even bring people who would otherwise be alone on Christmas together for a meal.

Something I recently found out about through Twitter which really touched my heart was BookTrust’s Christmas campaign which sends books to children in care. Each package contains a book tailored to the child’s age, a special festive poster, and a special postcard. It’s a beautiful idea to make a child in care’s Christmas, and the quotes from children who have received the parcels in previous years honestly left me in tears. You can give any amount, so it’s a really easy way to give something back this Christmas.

Why not check out charities in your local area with a quick web search to see what you can help out with this festive period, whether that’s financially or with your time?

7 thoughts on “What Christmas Means to Me

  1. This is such a lovely post! I think it’s great that you try and give to charities, I’ve been trying to search for somewhere that takes christmas boxes for the homeless/those in need but I can’t find anywhere near me 😦 Maybe I’ll try something else x

    LoneTeenTraveller | Travel Fashion Lifestyle


  2. These are such wonderful ideas to give back and make someone else smile on Christmas! I think the best part of Christmas is getting to make someone else’s day that they’ll never forget just by doing the small things. I LOVE spending time with my family during Christmas as well and it’s not as common as you’d think for people to see giving as the true meaning of Christmas! Great post!


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