Gifts That Give Back

Looking to buy a gift for someone or treat yourself? Here are some amazing products which give something back for day four of Blogmas!

  1. As mentioned in my gift guide for people who like to travel, Traveller Collective is a brand which donates 20% of its profits to projects in Ehtiopia. It’s a wonderful gift for travellers, providing an elegant way to display all the countries you’ve been to. Traveller Collective offers a travel clip (which comes in both vegan and non-vegan leather), and country rings to go on the clip. They have also just launched a stunning necklace, which you can wear your country rings on! Find their products here:
  2. I’m a Sand Cloud ambassador, and I’m really passionate about the work that the brand does! 10% of their profits are donated to non-profits which support their mission, which is to protect the ocean. Some of the organisations they have partnered with rescue, care for, and work towards the release of marine animals, which others support changes in legislation. They also organise beach cleanups regularly. Sand Cloud sell absolutely gorgeous towels, clothing, accessories, and water bottles. To shop at Sand Cloud, go to
  3. 4Ocean is another brand which is cleaning up the ocean. Every bracelet purchased removes one pound of trash from the ocean through beach cleanups and offshore cleanups. Each bracelet is just $20, and they come in different colours.
  4. Looking to help save the environment and give back to great causes? The S’well water bottle helps reduce the amount of plastic water bottles, and the brand is partnered with Unicef and (RED) amongst other charities. During 2018, S’well will focus on supporting clean water programs throughout Madagascar. Check S’well out here:
  5. If you’re passionate about FairTrade products, check out which is a brand offering tonnes of gorgeous FairTrade products all on the one site (making your shopping super easy)!
  6. Savannah Co. has stunning bracelets and 10% of their profits go towards lion conservation. I adore my gold bead lion bracelet, and any of their bracelets would be a great gift for any animal lover!


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