How to have a no-spend weekend

Day 7 of Blogmas! Looking to save money after buying Christmas presents for your loved ones? Try a no-spend weekend!

The concept of a no-spend weekend is simple; spend no money on take away food or activities during a weekend and instead do free activities to fill up your time. It’s a great way to save money, and also check out free things in your local area that you may overlook.

Here are some ideas for a no-spend weekend:

  1. Look up any free museums, art galleries, or performances that are happening in your area! It can be a great way to expand your horizons and check out something new.
  2. If the weather is good, go for a walk. Take photos of scenic sites, and enjoy the beauty of nature. Walking can be a really good way to unwind and de-stress! You may spot some animals or pretty flowers, which you can spend a little bit of time photographing.
  3. Why not work your way through some odd jobs around your home, or have a clear-out? De-cluttering can give you a real sense of accomplishment, and you can make some money by listing the items on Depop or eBay (or donate them to charity).
  4. Have a movie night! It’s a great way to relax for free. If you don’t have on-demand services or Netflix, record a movie that’s on over the weekend to watch in your spare time, or schedule your afternoon or evening around whatever time it’s on at. You could even work on a blanket fort of epic proportions to watch your movie from!
  5. A no-spend weekend can be a great opportunity to read a good book. Check out your local library, and if you’re not already registered it’s usually quick and easy to do so.
  6. Make a bucket list! Research places you want to travel and things you want to do. This can give you a longer-term goal to look forward to during no-spend weekends!
  7. Why not spend a couple of hours volunteering in your local area? Whether you organise a litter pick-up session, or spend some time working in a charity shop, you can make a real difference just by giving a little bit of your time!
  8. If you have a pet, spend some quality time with them! If you don’t, why not check out I recently signed up as I miss my dog terribly when I’m at university, and although I haven’t had the chance to use the service yet I love the idea. You sign up and look through owners in your local area, and request to spend time with their dog. It allows individuals who may be too poorly at the moment to walk their dog or to give them all of the attention they deserve to know that their furry friend is being well taken care of.
  9. You could check out Pinterest and try some craft or baking activities with things you already have. If you have clothes that are in too poor of a condition to be donated to charity, why not cut them up and use them in DIY project to give them a new lease of life?

8 thoughts on “How to have a no-spend weekend

  1. I’m totally doing all these this weekend! Although mine won’t be totally money free. I kind of want to go to a coffee shop and knit listening to the Harry Potter audio books. I’ve never heard of borrow my doggy!!! That’s a thing?! It’s such a good idea, I’d love for someone to take care of my dog for a few hours while I’m at work.



  2. SO glad I came across this! I needed some budget friendly ideas on how to spend my free time! I love the idea of taking bunch of pictures and going out walking! I may do it before the weekend arrives !


  3. This is very useful post -especially now when everyone spends on Christmas presents. And really lovely ideas!

    I am saving money now because it’s so stormy outside it’s not safe to go for walks 😀


  4. These are great ideas! Sometimes people get so caught up with spending that they miss all the great things you can do for free. I love going for walks in town and taking photos x

    LoneTeenTraveller | Travel Fashion Lifestyle


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