Surviving my first semester of university

Well, it’s official! I survived my first semester at university. With two assessed essays, an online multiple choice test, and two exams down, I’m feeling rather proud of myself. For day 10 of Blogmas, I thought I’d do some reflecting as I make my way home for Christmas.

Honestly, if you had told me this time last year that I would be at law school in Scotland, I wouldn’t have believed you. I really struggled with A-Levels, and didn’t get the grades I was hoping for. However, I was accepted into my first choice, the University of Stirling in Scotland!

Results day was bitter sweet for me. I needed ABB to be accepted into the University of Stirling. When I checked UCAS track on the morning of results day I was stunned to see I’d been accepted into UoS. I had honestly thought I’d have to go trough clearing. I went to my school to collect my grades, thinking I’d managed to get the ABB I needed. It was a shock when I opened my results to find I’d got BBC, which later turned to BBB with a remark. I was devastated, particularly as I’d got a B in Business Studies, even though I’d worked so hard in it all year, and had achieved an A at AS Level. However, nothing could dampen the excitement of being accepted into Law school!

I chose UoS because of the stunning campus (it’s a campus based university), and the fact that it’s located a nearly equal distance from Edinburgh and Glasgow, so I can head into either city easily but I also have everything I need in Stirling with just a ten minute bus ride from the university to the town.

The campus itself features a huge lake, which is currently frozen over due to the cold weather! There’s also an abundance of wild life, from ducks and swans to squirrels. It’s absolutely beautiful, like a scene from a postcard!

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