How To Cope With Homesickness

Whether you’re at university (like I am), or travelling or working abroad for an extended period of time, feeling homesick can be really tough. Here are some tips to get you through it.

  1. If you can, schedule regular trips home. I understand not everyone can afford this, but if you can it can give you something to look forward to!
  2. If you can’t afford or don’t have time for trips home, or to help you cope in between trips home, make use of video chat! Skype or Facebook Messenger video calls help you connect in a meaningful way to the people that you miss.
  3. Have photos of your family, friends, or pets. For me, they bring back many happy memories and I love looking at them. They make my dorm room at university feel much more homely.
  4. Something that always really helps me with homesickness is cooking my favourite home made meal. My dad makes an amazing spaghetti carbonara, and it’s something I miss when I’m away from home. Cooking it helps me feel closed to him and my home, even though whenever I cook it it never turns out quite as good as his!
  5. Getting yourself into a routine and keeping busy will, with time, beat homesickness. Throwing yourself into your work, hobbies, or social life will distract you and give you things to look forward too. The feeling of homesickness is horrible, but don’t forget that it does pass! You could do things you loved at home, like playing a sport, or try something new.
  6. If possible, try bringing comforting items from home. Your favourite pillow may help you sleep better, or you may want to bring a cuddly toy (don’t be embarrassed, loads of people do this)!

9 thoughts on “How To Cope With Homesickness

  1. My boyfriend is feeling homesick recently because we’re 9 hours away from his family. I hate seeing him so sad because we can’t afford to make that trip. Hopefully some of these tips will help him! Cause he’s em doesn’t have the Christmas spirit at all!

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  2. Thanks so much for this! I’m living away from home for six months in a new country and I find that I definitely have my up and down days. Cooking your favourite homemade meal is such a good tip – good food can carry such positive associations 🙂

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