Winter time in Amsterdam

Recently my boyfriend and I took a short city break in Amsterdam. We left on the 18th of December and returned home to Northern Ireland on the 21st. We both really enjoyed it and would love to go back to spend more time there, and to see the things we didn’t have time to see while we were there this time.

Before we left home, we bought an Amsterdam City Card each. The City Card gives the user free transport on trams and buses once you’re inside the city (so the train from the airport isn’t included), as well as free or discounted access to loads of museums and attractions.

I was really keen to check out some of the museums in Amsterdam, and I’ve wanted to go to the Van Gogh Museum for quite some time. With the City Card we had free entrance to the Van Gogh Museum, saving us around twenty euros each. I really loved the museum, and I got to see one of my favourite paintings, Almond Blossom.

We also visited the MOCO Museum, which is just beside the Van Gogh Museum. While we were in Amsterdam the Museum was housing a Banksy exhibit and a Roy Lichenstein exhibit. I loved the Banksy exhibit! While the Roy Lichenstein exhibit wasn’t really my thing, as part of the exhibit there was a room designed to look like a cartoon which you could take photos in, which looked really cool.

One of the best parts of being in Amsterdam during the festive period was that there was an ice skating rink and Christmas market set up in the Museumplein (where the Van Gogh Museum is located). While I was horrendous at the ice skating, my boyfriend, Stephen, picked it up really quickly!

The Christmas market featured loads of yummy food stalls, but my favourite stall was a small caravan that was split in two to feature a waffle stand and a photo booth. Of course, we went to get our photos taken!


While in Amsterdam we visited a cat cafe, the Kittencafe Kopjes. I love cat cafes, and have been lucky to visit some in China, Poland, and Scotland. We didn’t have a reservation but were able to walk straight in and get a table – and some yummy cake!

We also visited the famous Singel Flower Market, which was dreamy for me as I love plants, and walked along some of the canals.

We were lucky enough to be visiting during the Amsterdam Light Festival, so we took a night time canal cruise to view the light exhibits based along the canals. It was breathtaking, but unfortunately very hard to photograph.

On our final night, we visited the Amsterdam Ice Bar to have a drink in the minus 9 degrees bar! We were given huge thermal coats to go over our street wear and gloves, to protect our hands from the ice that made up the bar and the glasses our drinks were served in. It was great fun!

I absolutely loved Amsterdam, and I would recommend a trip there! The City Card was a lifesaver, as it meant we could hop on and off the trams that run all over the city simply by scanning our cards. The museums were wonderful, and we found a couple of great (but really cheap) restaurants. The ice bar was a really cool (no pun intended) experience, and the canals themselves were beautiful.


Until next time, Dani x

53 thoughts on “Winter time in Amsterdam

  1. Amsterdam is probably my favourite city in Europe. I’ve been lucky enough to go four times now and each time I find something new to do. Next time you go you should check out The Melkweg as it’s their local gig place! X


  2. Wow, what an amazing experience! I’m astounded that you were able to see some of Van Gogh’s work. This makes me want to visit Amsterdam even more! Also, a Kitty Cafe!? What in the world, I need to go to one of these ASAP!!


  3. I didn’t know about the Amsterdam City Card – that’s such a good deal! I really want to visit Amsterdam at some point, you’ve made me want to go as soon as possible haha!


  4. I’m so glad you enjoyed your holiday to Amsterdam! I was there around the same time and absolutely loved it except for the biting cold. The Van Gogh museum was a dream come true for me, being a huge art fan. I also visited the MOCO which, though tiny, was enjoyable and a breather from the crowded Van Gogh museum.
    Did you and your boyfriend get a chance to rent bikes ? Unfortunately I didn’t because it was raining the entire time I was there and there was no way I was going to ride in the rain.
    Anyways, I really enjoyed reading your posts and look forward to more of them in the future.
    Happy blogging and travels! 🙂


  5. I love Amsterdam so much, from the crooked little houses to museums, canals to nightlife. Your blog post makes me want to visit again, it’s been forever! I should have gotten a city card back then, too – I walked till my feet hurt without one!

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  6. aw it sounds like you had an amazing time! and that Banksy exhibit must have been great, I’d love to have seen that while I was there (although I don’t think it was on). That cartoon room looks so cool too, literally the perfect place to take photos! This post is really making me want to go back again, it’s probably one of my favourite european cities x
    LoneTeenTraveller | Travel Fashion Lifestyle

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  7. It was winter when I visited Amsterdam, and like you, I loved the flower market so much! It felt like spring for a moment…!
    Also, how cute are those cats? I didn’t know there were cat cafes in Europe (always saw them in Asia only?) and now I want to visit them all!
    Lovely pictures as always xx

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  8. I would! Once you’re in the city itself it makes travel really quick and easy, and the card gives you so many discounts! You can buy in advance and collect from many kiosks across the city, I think that may be the easiest option for you.


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