Thailand 2018

This summer, 2018, I will be spending three weeks in Thailand in order to do some voluntary work! I’m part of a team from my university, and the trip is organised through Challenges Abroad.

We will land in Bangkok airport, and then spend a couple of days in Bangkok to overcome our jet lag. We’ll then spend several days volunteering at an elephant sanctuary, working with the Elephant National Park. In Thailand, elephants are often abused as working animals and many end up disabled. We will help clean and feed the animals while we are there. As an animal lover, this is an absolute dream come true!

After our work at the elephant sanctuary, my team and I will head to the hill-tribe village where we will be volunteering next. There are many things we can do while there, from construction work to teaching English. I’m really looking forward to this part as it’ll be a fantastic opportunity to improve the lives of those living in the village.

In order to volunteer, each member of the team needs to fundraise around £2000. It’s a big challenge but I know that our hard work will  pay off eventually. If you’d like to help me achieve my fundraising goal and allow me to make a difference to abused elephants and assist villagers in Thailand, here is the link to my Just Giving page.

Until next time, Dani x

31 thoughts on “Thailand 2018

  1. This is so interesting! I spent a couple days in Thailand last year (really just an extended layover on a return trip…) and read quite a bit about the elephant abuse and the sanctuaries. I hope I can do something similar in the future – even though I could never teach English. 🙂

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  2. This trip sounded amazing! Cleaning and feeding those animals must have been so wonderful, I believe that animals really connect to those who truly are kind and willing to help so I’m sure those animals appreciated your kindness. Thank you for sharing your experience in Thailand xx


  3. Sorry lovely, I read that wrong completely because I’m in Summer right now and I thought oh what a wonderful way to spend the Summer. I’m also half asleep ahaha so my brain is like bleh… but I’m really excited for you!! It really does sound like a wonderful adventure xx

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