How to fly with only hand luggage

Why travel with only hand luggage?

If you’re looking to travel on the cheap, taking only hand luggage can be a great way to save money! Airlines are charging more and more to check bags in, but cabin baggage is free.

It’s also quicker to travel without checking a bag in, as it means you don’t have to arrive at the airport quite as early, or wait around to collect it when you reach your destination airport. Travelling with only hand luggage also has the added advantage of meaning you have less to carry!

While it’s not always easy to bring only hand luggage, you can pack a surprising amount into a cabin-size friendly bag.

So how do you travel with only hand luggage?

The most important thing when travelling with only hand luggage is to make sure that your bag is within the cabin baggage size regulations. Most airlines have the same regulation size, but you should double check to make sure you won’t have to check your bag in at the airport, as this can cost a fair amount of money!

In order to get your liquids, such as toothpaste and deodorant, through security, either buy some travel miniatures or get a travel set of empty 100ml bottles so that you can decant larger liquids, like foundation, into smaller amounts. I found my travel set (which is really handy) in a pound store, but you can also find them in Boots and Primark, as well as online. I found some on Amazon here.

Make sure you plan ahead so that you only bring the outfits you need. Wear bulkier items, like a jumper and a coat, onto the plane to save space in your bag. If you’re bringing heavier items, like a jumper, consider wearing the same outfit twice so you can bring fewer items of clothing.

Try to fill any dead space in your bag. Stuff socks and underwear into shoes! Rolling your clothes, rather than folding them (or shoving them in), also makes it easier to squeeze more in.

Got any more tips for travelling with only hand luggage? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time, Dani x

23 thoughts on “How to fly with only hand luggage

  1. You are right on point. Traveling with only hand luggage is so much simpler. Even on business trips I prefer carrying an overnighter so that I can breeze through check-in and leave the airport without the hassle of waiting for baggage.

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  2. I’ve always been a check-in luggage type of person, but I’ll definitely try out your tips next time I fly because I totally agree, the amount airlines are charging for check-in luggage is crazy these days. Great post as always Dani xx

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  3. You have some great tips there but as easily as its said, I can’t seem to travel light..Always end up carrying everything with me and most of the time am over baggage limit.


  4. These are some really great tips, Dani! I wish I could use them but the next time I go abroad I’ll have to take a lot of stuff with me (and I mean A LOT, haha). Hopefully, one day I’ll have a chance to travel with only hand luggage!

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  5. I am quite the nervous flyer, so I always triple check all the rules for my hand luggage haha. I wouldn’t even want to travel with more luggage than that just because of the hassle. 🙈 But as I said, I stress out when I have to fly. 😁

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  6. I love traveling with only hand luggage, but so often have to drag a large suitcase with me because of work & bringing gifts to my home country when visiting. But still, a well-packed hand luggage is what keeps me sane on long flights – with it in chaos, I get super anxious! 🙂

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