A Day In Edinburgh

Recently my boyfriend and I took a day trip to Edinburgh, from my university town of Stirling. It’s about an hour on the train, so it’s pretty handy to get to.

We arrived in Edinburgh around 4pm, and I immediately hit the shops. I dragged my boyfriend into Primark to see if I could find some new props for flatlays, and instead came out with a couple of new t-shirts and a bluetooth water-proof speaker for the shower. Oops!

Next we walked along Princes Street to admire the view of Edinburgh Castle, then we headed for Harvey Nichols, a department store that I was desperate to visit. I’ve wanted to try a foundation and highlighter from the Fenty Beauty collection for a while now, and I’d been told by a friend that Harvey Nichols stocks the full collection. I was not disappointed, and I ended up leaving with a foundation and a dual highlighter, which I’ll try out and post a review of in the next couple of weeks! I also ended up buying a MAC lipstick, Twig in the Satin finish, to replace my old one which has mysteriously vanished.


On our way to Harvey Nichols, Stevie and I were handed a free slice of pizza on the street, and we decided that it was so yummy that the restaurant responsible would be where we would dine. The restaurant was Vapiano, and it was wonderfully modern. Customers order in separate queues depending on the time of food they want (eg pizza, pasta, etc.) and are then handed a buzzer so they can return whenever their food is ready. You’re also given a card, like a debit card, which you tap against the till each time you order, then you tap it against the main till when you wish to pay. This system means that even when the restaurant is pretty busy the queues are minimal. My boyfriend and I both ordered garlic bread with cheese for a starter, and I ordered a funghi pizza for my main, while Stevie ordered a margerita pizza. I also treated myself to a cocktail (after all, I definitely earned it with my hard day of shopping) and I chose a raspberry mojito, which was delicious!


We’d discovered before we arrived in Edinburgh that the Lumen Light Show was happening in the city. The display was in three locations – St Andrew’s Square, Assembly Room Lanes, and The Mound Precinct.

My favourite part was the “Ocean of Light” exhibit, which was located in The Mound Precinct. I’d actually seen the display before as it’s a travelling exhibition, albeit it was indoors in the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, in Arizona, when I last visited my grandparents. This time the display was outside, and Stevie and I braved the rain and the cold to take a few photos. Truthfully, the other two parts of Edinburgh Lumen were disappointing, and we overheard several other groups of people ask “is this it?”, however the “Ocean of Light” exhibit was really cool. Immersive art is a favourite of mine, and this exhibit certainly is immersive! You can walk through and touch all of the lights, and make them sway.

Overall, Stevie and I had a wonderful day, and our fun was only dampened by the rain and ScotRail’s poor service. I really love Edinburgh, it’s a beautiful and welcoming city with so much to see and do. If you ever get the chance to visit it, I’d highly recommend it!

Until next time, Dani x

30 thoughts on “A Day In Edinburgh

  1. I visited Edinburgh in 2012 but would love to go back one day! Vapiano sounds really cool; I’ve always wanted to go! It’s funny because you said the queues were quick but in Italian, vapiano means ‘go slow’. Maybe they mean to not be in a rush? 😂 I dunno, anyways.. great post ☺️ X

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  2. That Ocean of light looks so beautiful!! My English teacher in high school said that everyone should visit Edinburgh once and I still remember that after all these years. I think he had a point :)!

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  3. You’ve just made me very home sick :(!
    I love Edinburgh. I lived there for 7 years and I miss it so much 😭😭!!
    You sounded like you had a great time!! Edinburgh is my favourite Scottish city! There’s so much culture and atompehere there!


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  4. I have never been to Edinburg so loved reading your post. Looks like you had such a nice time there. The Ocean of Lights Exhibit seems like something not to be missed.

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  5. […] Check out your local paper, events pages on social media etc., and see if there’s any free exhibitions or events on in local museums and other places. Upon Googling “Things to do in Edinburgh” before our most recent day trip, my boyfriend and I discovered that the Lumen light show was on and completely free! You can read all about it in my blog post about my trip to Edinburgh here. […]


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