Natural World’s Brazilian Keratin Collection: A Review

I was recently lucky enough to be sent the shampoo, conditioner, and hair treatment oil from Natural World’s Brazilian Keratin hair care collection. While I was gifted the items talked about in this post, all opinions and thoughts in this post are my own, and are honest.


I hadn’t heard of Natural World before being sent these products, but I was really excited to try them as my hair is in desperate need of some TLC! It’s been a long time (far too long, but it’s on my list) since I got a hair cut, and my hair has been suffering because of that and because I straighten it semi-regularly.

I’ve heard so much about how keratin is so good for your hair, and I’ve also noticed a huge rise in keratin based products. But, truthfully, I never really understood why keratin has received so much hype. So, what does it actually do?

Keratin works by smoothing the over lapping cells which form our hair strands. As the hair cells absorb the keratin, it supposedly leaves your hair looking fuller and glossier. Keratin also may make your hair less frizzy, and therefore easier to style.


The Products:

I tried both the shampoo and conditioner together, and I felt they did a pretty good job! They definitely left my hair feeling really smooth, although they didn’t do much to tame any frizziness. Considering the RRP is £5 for each, I was really impressed.

I tried the hair oil the next time I washed my hair, applying it while my hair was still wet and leaving it on while I dried my hair. I tend not to use hair oil as my hair gets greasy really quickly, but this hair oil didn’t make my hair any greasier and didn’t weigh my hair down. It left it feeling really smooth, like I’d deep conditioned it but without the effort and time deep-conditioning takes (win)!

The Verdict:

Considering the RRP for the entire Brazilian Keratin range starts at just £5, I’m really impressed. Both the shampoo and condition come in either 500ml or 1L bottles, and the hair treatment oil comes in 25ml or 100ml bottles. The range is available from Tesco stores across the UK, and I’m definitely going to check out the rest of the range.

Until next time, Dani x






17 thoughts on “Natural World’s Brazilian Keratin Collection: A Review

  1. I actually buy in to the hype around keratin. It definitely works and leaves the hair feeling soft and smooth. At the price range you mentioned it is definitely a good deal.

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  2. Only £5?! Damn that’s good for how big the bottle is! I’ve not heard of this brand but have heard of good things about Keratin! This product sounds fab! I too hate greasy and heavy hair after using serums and oils!!


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  3. I’ve never tried Keratin products since they’re usually quite expensive!
    That hair oil sounds especially interesting since, like you, I don’t like when my hair gets too oily after application. Did you try oiling your hair before washing it? Always helps a lot with my frizz!

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  4. Would you recommend it for weak damaged brittle hair? My hair keeps getting those white dots which snap off! It’s driving me crazy! Sometimes they are half way up the hair strand so I lose a lot of length.


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  5. Ahhh I’ve been looking for hair products like this lately and everything i’ve looked at doesn’t seem very promising. I’ve heard wonders about Keratin and I’m willing to give this one ago. I wonder if they have a site that allows international shipping as I live in Australia. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Dani!

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