March BirchBox Unboxing

BirchBox is a monthly beauty subscription box, with subscriptions starting at £10 per month plus £2.95 postage.


I’ve been an on-again-off-again subscriber for some time now, depending on my financial situation each month. I simply had to get the March BirchBox when I heard it featured a sample size Badgal Bang mascara – Benefit’s latest big launch. The mascara has been all over my social media feed, and I wanted to see if it lived up to the hype.

So, what was in this month’s BirchBox?


The first item in my box, which subscribers got to choose from two different choices, was the Blaq “Hydrogel Eye Mask”, which has an RRP of £22 for a set of 5. This sample size version has just one set in the packet, and I absolutely loved it! It felt lovely and soothing on my under eye area, and I felt it made a difference to the under eye bags I’ve developed recently thanks to university stress.

The next item in the box was a LAQA&CO. “B’Lighter” blush and highlighter, which has an RRP of £12. Truthfully I haven’t tried it yet, as I don’t tend to use blusher. I’m curious about its properties as a highlighter though, so I will get round to trying it at some stage!

The third item was a pillow spray from This Works, which supposedly helps you sleep better. I have real trouble getting a good night’s sleep, and I’ve tried a couple of these pillow sprays. Truthfully, the This Works pillow spray is okay but I really prefer Feather and Down’s spray. The full size “Deep Sleep Pillow Spray” from This Works has an RRP of £16.

The fourth item in the box was a volumising hair spray from Beauty Protector. I haven’t had the chance to try it either, but my hair is in desperate need of some volume so I definitely will try it. The full size bottle has an RRP of £21.50.

The final item in the box was the item I’d been dying to try – the new Benefit mascara. For me, it definitely lives up to the hype. It fans my lashes and adds a staggering amount of volume, although it does leave my lashes a little bit clumpy (but not much more so than other mascaras I’ve tried). I’m definitely going to buy the full size mascara, which has an RRP of £21.50, when I’ve finished the sample.

I was really impressed by the selection of items in this month’s box. The box also had the most gorgeous design to date!

Until next time, Dani x


22 thoughts on “March BirchBox Unboxing

  1. That’s the problem with sub boxes haha, some months good and some bad! I always end up unsubbing at the wrong time and the next month always looks good! Hahaha!

    I saw a few youtubers unbox this and the products look fab! :)!
    I love Birchbox’s box! They’re always so pretty!


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  2. There seem to be quite a lot of variations this months my friends got a completely different one to another friend and both in turn completley different to yours. I cancelled my birchbox last month and i kinda regret it but kinda not. I think they give too many samples so many are full of more full sized items for a similar price. I thinl the fact they have the travel mascara this month makes getting it worthwhile.

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    1. I thought the same, I’ve seen people with completely different boxes! I think it has something to do with the preference survey we filled out on the website. The sample mascara was the only reason I kept my subscription going for this month truthfully!


  3. Birchbox is something I always look at subscribing to but never get round to it, some months look amazing and others look pants, this month looked amazing! That mascara has been a product I can’t escape from it’s everywhere haha! Definetly need to invest! Xx

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  4. I started getting Birchbox over Christmas and I really enjoy it 🙂 My box was completely different to yours this month (except for the mascara) and I loved the contents too. I agree with you about the box design, I loved it as soon as I opened it!

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  5. I’ve heard great things about the brand Blaq and I have seen the eye masks at pharmacies; however, I have yet to try it. I’ve never heard of pillow sprays but that is another product I’d be willing to try. I love the packaging of the box too! Thanks for sharing lovely xx

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