The Best Cheap Date Ideas

Finding fun things to do as a couple when you’re on a budget can be a real struggle! Here are some of my boyfriend, Stevie, and I’s favourite cheap dates.

  1. Bowling – Stevie and I love to go bowling because we’re both really competitive! It’s a cheap way to kill an hour or two.
  2. Mini golf – again, a great date idea for a competitive couple! Most mini golf courses allow you to choose either 18 or 36 holes, so you can choose based on how much money you have to spend.img_3576
  3. Go for a walk or a hike somewhere, and if you have dogs then bring them along too! Dates don’t just have to be cheap, they can be completely free. If the weather is good, then all you need to do is pick somewhere close by, or somewhere that’s accessible by public transport. Walking not only improves your mental and physical health, it gives you a chance to reconnect away from technology and other distractions. Furthermore, it can be a good excuse to find a pretty place for a photoshoot (your instagram will thank me)!
  4. Alternatively, pick some form of exercise that’s more challenging. If the weather is good, go for a bike ride, or if the weather is bad do some indoor sport like a workout routine or rent a badminton or squash court indoors.
  5. The cinema – most cinemas offer a two for one or discount ticket day. My local cinemas do “two for Tuesday” and “Student Sundays”, where tickets are super cheap! If you bring your own food and drinks you’ll save loads of money too.
  6. Can’t afford the cinema? Queue a movie marathon in your house (with plenty of snacks, of course). Bonus points if it involves a blanket fort!
  7. Check out your local paper, events pages on social media etc., and see if there’s any free exhibitions or events on in local museums and other places. Upon Googling “Things to do in Edinburgh” before our most recent day trip, my boyfriend and I discovered that the Lumen light show was on and completely free! You can read all about it in my blog post about my trip to Edinburgh here.img_3410
  8. Head out somewhere without much light pollution and check out the stars!
  9. Find an arcade and blow a little money playing arcade games and air hockey.
  10. Bake something! Baking something yummy means lots of spoon licking and a treat at the end.

Have any more ideas? Share them in the comments!

Until next time, Dani x

15 thoughts on “The Best Cheap Date Ideas

  1. Since my husband and me both work from home, we love to go out and get moving when we have free time! So yes, hiking is definitely a must (…plus all the food we can carry) as well as just strolling around in search of new cafes or museums. On that note, I love going to art museums for dates! Entrance fees are often quite cheap or there are free entry days. 🙂

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  2. I totally agree with you, dating sometimes can be an expensive thing if you keep going out to fancy restaurants and eating expensive food. These are great ideas for a fun filled day / night and yet its all on a budget.

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