April UniBox Review

I did a review on the UniBox a while ago (which you can check out here), and one of my criticisms was that it was very expensive for a subscription box aimed at university students. Each box was priced at £21.95 per month.

I was delighted to discover they now offer a choice of two boxes to choose from, with the cheaper box costing £12.95 per month. I decided I needed to check it the new, cheaper box option out to see what I thought!

I was really excited to get my box, and truthfully I thought it would arrive earlier in the month, but I only received it on the 20th of April. This month’s theme was “Brain Food”, which really intrigued me.


Inside the box was a 7-Day “Brainwave Kit” from Pukka, which was a week’s supply of Turmeric herbal food supplements and sachets of Turmeric gold tea. There was a double chocolate brownie, and a sparking energy water drink, as well as a facial cleansing bar, and a daily goal planner.

The brownie was from Sweet Deceits and was absolutely delicious! I’m not a fan of sparkling drinks however, so I did not enjoy the natural energy drink from Virtue. I did like the idea of a natural energy drink though. I’m in the process of trying out the 7 day Turmeric kit, so I will post updates on my Twitter at the end of the week.

The facial cleansing bar really appealed to me, as it is meant to help clear pimples and blackheads, which are often a result of stress. I haven’t tried it yet as I’m going to take it with me when I travel to Thailand this summer to undertake voluntary work, as it is small enough to be thrown into my hand luggage and it’s a solid bar rather than a liquid! I found the daily goal planner really cute and quirky, and as a stationery addict I will make great use of them.


Overall, I thought the contents of the box were great for a university student facing exam season. The box was good value for money without being amazing, but I was happier that there were two price options to choose from now. The cost of the box was £12.95, and the value of the contents was £18.60, not including the UniBox zine and motivational quote that comes in every box. I had great fun colouring in the back page of this month’s zine, it was a great way to de-stress!


I think the UniBox is a fantastic treat for any university or A-Level student, and it would also make a fantastic gift for any student living away from their family!

Until next time, Dani x

10 thoughts on “April UniBox Review

  1. Where was this box when i was studying?!? Hahaha!
    The turmeric stuff sounds a bit weird to me! Never really used turmeric apart from cooking!
    All of it sounds good to me, even the sparkling drink!! It also sounds pretty affordable too!


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  2. Its so wonderful that there is a cheaper box on sale Dani especially targeting university student. I am curious to find out how the turmeric tea tastes like as its on my list to try out due to its medicinal properties.

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  3. That’s actually a super cute combination of products – even though I’m with you on not liking energy drinks of any kind. I do drink turmeric powder in water pretty much daily, though. Something about anti-oxidants, but mostly just because I need all the iron I can get and it actually tastes good!
    Facial soap bars are great for traveling, so taking that one with you to Thailand sounds perfect~

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